Logo Design Glossary

Commonly Used Terms

  • Concept

    A general idea or an abstract notion that occurs or results from specific instances.

  • Draft

    An outline or a sketch of any image or graphics that is drawn before the real thing.

  • Redraw

    Comes from draw, redraw is the modification, redrawing or the redisplay of the images or graphics.

  • Revision

    It is the process of amending or modifying a piece of work such as an image or graphics published or produced earlier.

  • Illustration

    A drawing or a visual representation in form of a photograph, painting or a work of art that symbolizes an idea and works together with it to attract clients.

  • Flash logo

    A logo that is animated or given movements by special software known as flash is called a flash logo.

  • Tag line

    An associated line or catch phrase always written or accompanied by an organizations logo or product also used as a slogan.

  • Stationery design

    Special designing that consists of the custom logo and clients' necessary information that is printed on the business cards, letterheads and envelops. Stationery design is a popular way Advertising.

  • Pantone Matching

    It is a famous color matching system used in printing industry to print spot colors.

  • System

    It specifies and blends the matching colors with help of the pantone number or name that assures the file is printed in the right color.

  • CMYK colors

    These four initials stand for the 4 colors that are widely used in printing that are C = cyan, M = magenta, Y = yellow, K = black .

  • Vector files

    Vector files are digital images created by a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given 2 or 3 dimensional space. Vector files follow a pattern of connected points that result in a much smaller file easy to modify than raster image file.

  • Final file formats

    Refers to the final formats of the files that are sent to the client; they can be in any format ranging from :

    • AI (Adobe Illustrator) or .CDR (CorelDRAW),
    • EPS : Encapsulated PostScript
    • PDF : Portable Document File
    • PSD : Photoshop Document
    • JPG : Joint Photographic Experts Group
    • GIF : Graphic Interchange Format
    • TIF : Tagged Image File Format
    • PNG : Portable Network Graphics
  • Creative brief

    A single page document that consists of all the information given by the client regarding the outline or objective of the project to help designers achieve the creative product.